Policies and Procedure for wearing DAR Pins and Bars


Pins must be placed in order, beginning with the highest office at the top of the ribbon ( nearest the arm if wearing more than one ribbon) followed by pins for past offices and/or chairmanships and committee membership, and ending with the official Insignia at the bottom of the ribbon over the heart. When wearing more than one ribbon, the official Insignia must be placed on the inside ribbon (neck side). Insignia, pins and ribbons are not to be worn in public unless one is officially representing the DAR. Insignia, pins and ribbons may be worn during the dedication of a grave marker for a deceased Daughter and also at the funeral of a Daughter by a member attending only in an official DAR capacity.

The official ribbon is not to exceed fourteen inches in length and is to be placed on the left shoulder, starting at the shoulder seam. Only the official Insignia, ancestor bars, those pins specifically representing service to the National Society or monetary contributions to approved national projects, and commemorative pins will be authorized to be worn on the official ribbon.

A member may wear a pin designating her state or a bar to designate her chapter. A member may purchase the state pin of the state where her original ancestor rendered service. (This does not apply to a supplemental ancestor.) State pins may be worn on or off the official ribbon.

Every member may purchase a bar engraved with the name of the ancestor on whose record she entered the Society. She may also purchase a supplemental bar for each ancestor whose record has been credited to her national number.

All members are eligible to wear the Miniature Insignia (pierced or plain) and Recognition Pin (plain only). These are not to be placed on the official ribbon. The Miniature Insignia is a replica in a size suitable to be worn with the miniature insignia of other societies on a ribbon attached to a bar. The Miniature Insignia may be worn with a one-half inch ribbon. The Recognition Pin may be worn with the Junior Bar.

The official jeweler of the NSDAR is:
J. E. Caldwell Co., 1339 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107 (1-800-786-5890)

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