May Ferguson Alanko

May serves the ASDAR as State Registrar, maintaining the State Data Base of 4,100 members in 72 chapters.


She has also served the ASDAR as Chairman of The Flag of the United States Committee, a position she held from February 2008 to July 2009.


May joined the Stanley-Harper-Redmond Chapter in Ashtabula, Ohio in February 1991. As a “snowbird” to the Gulf Shores area, she was an associate member of Fort Bowyer Chapter, Foley, Alabama for a few years before transferring her permanent membership to the Chapter in June 1991 following a move from Ohio to Alabama.


In May 2007 she was elected regent of her Chapter. She held that position until May 2009. She attends the State Conferences, Fall Assemblies, KDS Dedication Days and has twice attended Continental Congress in Washington, DC.


In May 2002, she was appointed to complete the term of the Chapter Registrar and was elected to that position in 2003, 2005 and again in 2009. During this period, she has been instrumental in helping 41 women become new members of the Chapter. In the year 2006 alone, applications were completed for 16 new members.


Genealogy has been a thing she truly enjoys and it has carried through in her own research as she has completed 7 supplement applications plus the original application under which she joined, that of a women. She also has completed 2 family genealogy books which have been published and are in the DAR Library.


She also has served her Chapter as Membership Chairman (2003-2007) and American Heritage Chairman (2001-2003). She is currently serving as Membership Chairman.





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