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by   Mary Collins
DAR has so many worth while and interesting programs that many of us
participate in that we forget that others might not know about them. Here
is one of them that our chapter supports.

                     Used Stamps for Our Veterans

Many Veteran groups collect used stamps that have been sent to them from
all over. Some of the groups send these contributions to a central clearing
house where the stamps are soaked and resold to dealers, collectors, etc.
The Veteran groups that do this then take the money raised and spend it for
various Veterans needs.  Some stamps are also kept back and distributed to
patients as a hobby to help them recover or pass the sometimes many lonely
hours in the hospital.  There are six or seven of these collecting agencies
for the veterans.

Our DAR Service for Veteran-Patients chairman,sends stamps collected from 
members of our chapter to several Veteran stamp collecting clubs.  The clubs
sort and make ready contributions for distribution to those disabled, 
handicapped or wounded veteran's undergoing treatment and rehabilitation. 
The hobbies of stamp and coin collecting are recognized as effective therapy
in rehabilitating hospitalized veterans.

Each group requests different types of stamps. All request
"commemoratives." A commemorative stamp would include special event stamps
celebrating an anniversary, etc., and Christmas stamps.  What they don't
ask for is "definitives". An example of this is the common "flag over the
porch".  There are millions of these around and about and rarely are they
worth anything.

Please look at the examples (below) to see how to cut stamps out you wish
to contribute. If a stamp is too heavily postmarked that you can't see
it, or is torn, it shouldn't be saved.


When cutting stamp off envelope, be sure not to trim too close to the stamp
as the perforations and/or the stamp could be damaged.


If more than one stamp is on the envelope, leave the trim line around ALL
the stamps.


Perforations are a series of round or other shaped holes punched out
between the rows of stamps to facilitate separation.  Some booklets
or adhesives, have straight edges.  Avoid cutting into these, too.


Many of these organizations collect more than stamps for the Veterans, 
such as:

Foreign Stamps, on & off paper
("on" paper means that the stamp is still adhering to part of the envelope,
"off" paper means the stamp has been soaked and has no other paper attached to it).
U. S. Coins & paper money
Sports Cards
Post Cards (old & new)
First Day Covers - covers are usually marked
"First Day which means the letter was mailed the first day the stamp was "issued""
Foreign Covers
Old U.S. Covers (before 1920)
Hunting Permit Stamps
Catalogues for both Stamps & Coins

NOW you know what to do with all those collectibles that either you,  your
spouse, or your children have accumulated and are not interested in anymore
and don't want to be bothered to find a buyer! Donate them to one of these
groups and say "thank you" to a Vet who needs them now.

If you choose, and you know the approximate value of the items and have an inventory, you can receive a receipt for tax purposes. If you do not belong to a DAR chapter and wish to do this, please contact Rosalie Wolfe .

Materials NOT needed:
Greeting Cards
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