Hathcock Family
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Our SECreek Heritage


Families from Escambia and Monroe Counties, Alabama

Bailey DeSilvey Freeman Hinson Lloyd Moniac Sizemore Wiggins
Colbert Dusong Gibson Hollinger Lofton Rackard Stabler Weatherford
Dees Elliot Hathcock Hosford McGhee Sehoy Taylor Williams


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1.  William David "Bart" Gibson and Margaret "Peggy" Moniac, daughter of Alexander Dixon Moniac and Elizabeth Elliott.

1848 Marriage License:
William Gibson and Margaret Moniac.

2. I have 300 Eaastern Cherokee Applications from the 1909 Guion Miller Roll listed here. All of these refer to the application of John F. McGhee #1139. Most lived in the South Alabama and the Western Section of Florida. This group did not claim to be Cherokee. They knew they were Creek Indians descending from famous Creek's such as Red Eagle, Peggy Bailey, William and Chilly McIntosh and Alexander McGillivray. All of these are of Creek origin. Some are recognized as members of the Creek tribe, while others are not. These not recognized do claim to be descendants of Creek ancestors. They had been told that they were entitled to share in this fund by claim agents and lawyers. The applications were "Rejected" because it was a "Creek Case". Our families submitted these applications which provid us with genealogical leads- each claimant stated full name, residence, age, place of birth, name of husband or wife, names of children, and information regarding parents and grandparents. If you would like a copy of an application instructions are posted. 

3. Thomas, John, Mariah, Mary, Epsey, and William Hathcock, children of Sarah Hathcock


4. Freeman & Williams Family: Robert "Bob" Freeman &  Missouri "Mandy" Williams

Guion Miller Application of George Washington Williams

5.  Sizemore Family: Arthur Sizemore & Mary "Polly" Bailey


Carol Middleton:  Among the Creeks, and Some Creek Families & Friends have a multitude of offerings... it reflects Carol's spirit
and the love for family and friends. Carol's visions became a reality HERSTORIES & HISTORIES

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