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National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

Bon Secour Chapter
Gulf Shores Alabama
Organized June 7, 1997

Mrs. Gene Glisson, the Organizing Regent of Bon Secour Chapter
DAR, wanted a DAR chapter convenient for working women,

therefore our meetings are held in the evening during the week and last for about an hour. Bon Secour is a growing chapter

and we have many awards to show for our work. We welcome new members to join us in meeting the objectives of NSDAR, "Historical Preservation", " Promotion of Education", and "Patriotism"


Bon Secour Chapter DAR Officers


Theresa Rives Wood

Vice Regent

Marilyn Vishaway


Linda Koniar

Recording Secretary

Kathie LeDrew

Corresponding Secretary

Linda Steen


Sharon (Cherry) Peek


Beverly Wenzel


Edna Woodard


Debbie Fuller


Helen Underwood

Ala. Flag

Gulf Shores, Alabama

Bon Secour Chapter DAR is located in Gulf Shores, which is on the southern tip of Alabama. It is noted

for its white sandy beaches and many recreational activities. The mild weather provides for year round

fun in the sun such as swimming, boating, fishing, golf or just lazing around watching the sunsets over

the Gulf of Mexico.

 Name History

Bon Secour, from the French, "the best chapel of ease" or from the English, "a safe harbor" was named by

       Jacques Cook, a Frenchman from Montreal. He used the name " Bon Secour" in honor of the oldest

      cathedral in Montreal, Cathedral Notre Dame de Bon Secour -dear to all sailors.

In 1702 the Le Moyne brothers built a fishing lodge at Bon Secour. It provided a quiet and restful vacation

               spot for them and their friends as a respite from the pressures and cares of colonization.
Today Bon Secour, with its sheltered harbor, continues to attract vacationers and fishermen.
The Oyster and shrimp industries have been the industry of Bon Secour for over two centuries.


(taken from "A History of Baldwin County" by Kay Nuzuim)

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Would you like to join us?


Bon Secour Chapter DAR meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month from September until May. We meet at 5:30 PM in Foley which is convenient for all our members in the area and we always have interesting programs. We welcome (all DAR eligible) ladies who would like to become members. For membership information please email  dwwenzel@gulftel.com

Our Revolutionary Ancestors


Bankston, John (GA)

Biter, Peter, (MA)

Bozeman,Philemon (SC)

Burch, Joseph (MD)

Burleson, David (NC)

Dugger, Julius (NC)

Dumas, David (NC)

Galphin, George (SC)

Hunter, James (VA)

Johnson, Able (PA)

Kelly, Peter (SC)

Kinter, John (PA)

Lindsay, William (VA)

Mullins, Stephen D (VA)

Norvelle, Aquilla (MA)

Parkman, Jr., Henry (SC)

Patrick, William (GA)

Peden, David (SC)

Reed, Issac (NJ)

Rives, Green (SC)

Sasser, Benjamin (NC)

Skidmore, Andrew (VA)

Stone, Israel (NJ)

Terrell, Henry (VA)

Turner, Timothy (CT)

White, John (NC)

U.S. Flag

"God, Home and Country"

"Preserve the Past, Enhance the Present and Invest in the Future"


" To Serve the Present Age" 



DAR Membership

Any woman is eligible for membership in the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution who is not less than eighteen years of age, and is descended from a man or woman who, with unfailing loyalty to the cause of American Independence, served as a sailor, or soldier, or civil officer in one of the several Colonies or States, or in the United Colonies or States or as a recognized patriot, or rendered material aid thereto: provided the applicant is personally acceptable to the society.

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