Physical Education



The Physical Education Program at St. Patrick School requires active participation from students in grades K through 8. The Program is based on the State Department of Education and President's Physical Fitness recommendations. The program is designed to meet the safety, health, physical and recreational needs of each student while fostering a Christian attitude towards good sportsmanship. 

Congratulations to P.E. Teacher, Shaw-Fin Bertagnolli, and her team - Mobile Bombers! The fastest running team of 12 in the inaugural GCI Relay! 36 hours and 36 minutes! About an 8:20 pace over 263 miles!— at Pensacola Beach, Florida.  Way to go Bombers! — with Don Mroczko, Rhonda Collings, Shaw-Fin Bertagnolli, Maureen Van Devender, Andy Spratley, Tammy Ford, Darren Jarrell, Mary Meares, Timmy Jernigan, Suanne White-Spunner, Jonathan Dick and Cindy McMillan.

GCI Relay

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