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"Thank you" to Mrs. Evelyn Lowery, for ALL of the
volunteer hours spent on these fundraising programs!

◉ Collect BOX TOPS and send them to St. Patrick's

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previous years' earnings received

  2011-2012: $1,277.30 
  2010-2011: $921.00

◉ We can earn $$$ for used ink and toner cartridges, and more…

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Please ONLY send in items listed on the link below⬇

◉ Collect LABELS FOR EDUCATION for St. Patrick School!!

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◉ Collect register tapes from shopping at Greer's FOOD TIGER, now called Cost Savers

◉ Collect COMMUNITY COFFEE PRODUCTS or “Community Cash for Schools” - UPC/Proof of Purchase seals are worth 10¢

◉ Collect Coke Rewards for Art Supplies, etc for SPS

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The Student Art Committee will be coordinating this fundraising program for SPS. Send in your caps/codes or go online, register, and enter the codes to donate the points for our school!

School Email: ♧ 251-947-7395 © St. Patrick Catholic School, Robertsdale AL