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It is part of my commitment to give quality time to parents. Please call the school to contact me. E-mails are slower to receive a response because of the volume.  
 - Sr. Margaret Harte


The Catholic School System of the Archdiocese of Mobile earned nationally recognized SACS/CASI district accreditation for the district and all of its schools on October 14, 2009.

St. Patrick School, Robertsdale, is proud to announce that we are a fully accredited Catholic elementary school of the Archdiocese.

Congratulations to our students, faculty, staff, parents, and stakeholders!



Helping Parents Keep Their Children Safe on the Internet and Social Media


Showcasing Our Catholic Schools

Catholic Schools in the Catholic Week (Archdiocesan Newspaper)

We here at St. Patrick School in Robertsdale, Alabama, wanted to share with you a new marketing partnership we are participating in with the Office of Catholic Schools and the Catholic Week. In each issue the Catholic Week will highlight all of the wonderful things we are accomplishing in our Catholic Schools. Each school can submit a picture or article that tie in with a theme each month. Our school’s submission will appear in the SECOND ISSUE of every month. The goal of this new format is to promote our archdiocesan schools as a whole system and share the benefits of Catholic Education with the more than 47,000 readers. If you are interested in showing support for Catholic education, there are some advertising opportunities available as well. Feel free to contact Maria Ann Callaghan at or 251-753-2416 for more information.



Archdiocesan Child Protection Training Class


St. Patrick School receives funds through the Federal Programs - Title I and Title II. Title I Funds are used to serve students identified as ‘at-risk’. Parents are notified and are required to sign a compact and an agreement to participate. Title II Funds are used for Professional Development.
St. Patrick Comprehensive Plan for Federal Funds 2014-2015.

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